Play From Your Fucking Heart

Introduction by Shivam O’Brien

Posted 5 years ago by jerryhyde

shivamI met Jerry through an email. He sent me a few video samples that were to illustrate his approach to his work, including (a refreshing wild card for a London therapist who might have some sort of reputation to uphold) a definition of enlightenment from a very hard-hitting American standup icon. There was nothing in Jerry’s email to suggest he was a reliable, well sorted, fully certified, emotionally flat, socially predictable therapist.

I liked him straight away.

And vision quest, no less, was part of the therapy! Impressed that this guy had seemingly retained some natural, trustworthy wildness, I invited him to my fire… that’s a Celtic roundhouse, that used to be a tipi, that became a community in a wild valley in Wales where we all… well Jerry’ll mention that later.

Only when I met twenty-five of his ‘clients’, a couple of years later, did I realise just how much this honest, straight talking, ex-rock and roller therapist meant to so many people. Without voicing one politically or therapeutically correct sentence, without playing any leadership tactic or trip, without throwing out any ideas that might have pulled a ‘wow,’ he commanded utter respect and trust from some pretty world-hardened musicians, edge of the envelope creative types and even a fair proportion of sane friendly professional Londoners.

These people trusted him pretty much for the same reasons I did. He wasn’t ever going to say anything big about who he was, where he’d been or what he knew. Yet he held – without being overly visible. He commanded – without any orders. He nurtured – without intruding.

Jerry doesn’t hold out any ‘fits all’ answers, or policy, or correctness, however, he is humbly real and doesn’t ever give away that behind the dry humour and fain Englishness there is a sharply astute, highly principled adult male, devoted to truth and gentleness and one that can’t be bought at any price.

That’s why I like him. That’s why I am writing this introduction. And that’s why you should read Play From Your Fucking Heart – apart from the fact that he’s a highly entertaining writer.

This book is like sitting in Jerry’s wonderful London pad having a long growling and grinning chat about life, living and learning. He won’t be trying to sell you anything, it’s a real sharing of loves, failures, insights and joys that you can put in your shoes and walk forward with.

Jerry, as usual, is saying what he wants to say in a language anyone can understand and you won’t have to join in with any pseudo-psycho talk or have your intellect bombarded with smart ideas. The smart ideas are there alright, plenty of ‘em, but it’s one human to another, speaking easy, heart to heart.

Read on, if you’re in search of satisfaction, Jerry Hyde is plucking some real and raw notes here – a Rolling Stone in the Delta of Healing.

Shivam O’Brien, Galway, Oct 20th, 2013 –

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