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Bladesville-CoverThe Lost Souls – not quite the greatest rock’n roll band in the world. But fucking close.

Told through the bloodshot eyes of rhythm guitarist Deke Tremelo, Bladesville is the story of The Lost Souls, a Sixties influenced garage band swimming against the tide of Eighties electronica.

In a market full of musical success stories, it’s the tale of a band that didn’t make it, who lived through the whole sex, drugs, rock and roll lifestyle and came within a hair’s breadth of hitting the big time but fell at the final hurdle, lost in the wasteland of Thatcher’s Britain.



Dreamachine-CoverDreamachine is a tale of B List celebs, murdered supermodels, homoerotic punk rockers and hermaphrodite transvestite sex mutants…

Badly burned and disfigured TV Sex Therapist Dr James Bickle narrates the story from a hospital bed in Tangier. It moves from the present tense to the past and at times into a stylised portrayal of Bickle’s ‘idyllic’ life as seen through PR spin and Hello Magazine type reportage before blowing it all apart to reveal his tortured and brutal existence.


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