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jerry2014Jerry Hyde followed a fairly conventional career as a psychotherapist throughout his 30’s before completely losing the plot in his early 40’s (he’s now 50) and rebranding himself in the unconventional style for which he’s become known which some have dubbed ‘Gonzo Therapy’.

Despite all attempts at mid-life self-destruction he still has a very large and thriving practice…

During his career he’s worked with many well-known names in the arts and creative fields and this, plus his own background in the music, film and TV business has informed his outlook and writing style.


What they’re saying about Play From Your Fucking Heart


Jerry Hyde is the magpie of wisdom, delivering it in the way all great tricksters do, ass backwards. If you are like me and self help books make you cringe and yet there is a nagging feeling that you’re a bit bored shitless of how you see the world, Jerry is like the crazy man you meet randomly in the pub that makes magical fucked up sense. I read this book while travelling to work. Suddenly commuting became a rock and roll journey towards myself. Don’t be a pussy – read it.

Sam Roddick, founder of Coco de Mer and pleasure activist


Reading Jerry Hyde’s latest book is like having a transcendental late-night chat with the cool big brother you wish you’d had. Unapologetically honest, rebellious and thought-provoking, Jerry’s direct conversational style grabs you hard by the ear from the first page, and keeps yanking until you’re paying attention and sitting right next him on the ‘ledge beyond the ledge’. With your legs dangling precariously over the abyss, you peer down at the mundane life you once led and wonder what the fuck you were doing before you read this book. Jerry Hyde pulls no punches, in fact he’s got a mean left hook, but instead of ‘knocking your lights out’ he turns them on.

Melissa Unger, Creative Consultant & Founder of Seymour Projects


As a self-confessed ‘artist/rocker’ who likes to live life on the wild-side but then ends up reaching for some self improvement guide to redeem myself of guilt, this book actually says fuck it… live the life you want to! This is a dangerously insightful and brutally frank glimpse at life through the eyes of Jerry Hyde… Moral depravity and genius clash head on and hand in hand… couldn’t put the fucker down.

Darryl Gates, Diamond Jacks Tattoo, London


I don’t know anything about Therapy and only slightly more about Rock ‘n Roll, but what I do know is that most people in the modern world are definitely not Awake. Sedated by our culture and hiding beneath veils of assumed personality, we are Souls in hiding. Who can say what it takes to Wake Up? How to be fully conscious in this crazy pulsating mystery that is Life? There is a fine art to surfing the paradox of losing the self and Finding the Self. The way is not what our sleepyheads think it is. If you really must read another book before surfacing from your slumbers then read this one! Don’t be lulled into thinking that this is just another innocent meandering yarn in the comfy web of your dream, the rude crowing rooster resounds throughout. Refreshingly free from New Age twaddle, uncompromisingly honest and with some genuinely helpful tips, this may be the literary equivalent of a zen alarm clock.

Claire Heron – Enlightenment Intensive Master


Wake up and celebrate – Jerry Hyde writes a mother of a book…

Jonny Phillips, actor and director


I’ve had the privilege of working with Jerry for ten years – if our relationship started as a conventional therapist/client scenario it soon became apparent it wasn’t like what I’d seen in the films. If the initial topic was about being an alcoholic/victim/loser it soon became about so much more. Our work together took me on a journey within. It wasn’t like he was offering me the answers, more he was prompting me to ask the questions. I remember him telling me that a client had left him because he didn’t feel like he was being offered enough advice. Makes you think if there was someone out there with all the answers they’d write a book & everyone in the world would buy it & we’d all be ok … wouldn’t we? So instead READ THIS. Less of a Self Help book more a Help Yourself book . A book where the learnings & quotes of Bill Hicks mean as much as those of Carl Jung. Where a viewing of Apocalypse Now will give you more insight than the collective readings of any organised religion. This book will instill bravery in yourself, your fuck ups will start to have a meaning beyond “I can’t believe I fucked up again”, they will be the source of your wisdom. This book says don’t trust anyone who say’s they’ve got the answer to your problems, just trust yourself. But be warned, the cult begins here.

Sean Rowley, Guilty Pleasures


Jerry’s book will ruin your life. And you’ll thank him for it.

John Williams, author of Screw Work Let’s Play


Like many others I first met Jerry Hyde after he was recommended to me as a therapist. Within 30 seconds of meeting him I decided I didn’t like him and wasn’t going to tell him anything personal at all. After 30 minutes I had told him things I hadn’t even told myself! That was in 1998 and I went on to spend the next ten years participating in the first of several ongoing men’s therapy groups that he setup. There were a few constants throughout this time: an exciting, slightly dangerous tension between suspicion and commitment from the members; an increasing understanding that the group thrives on the creative freedom of the individual; and Jerry’s unfailing professionalism, kindness and care.

Jerry has developed a therapeutic style that is truly his own and this book is a provocative, funny and revealing presentation of his ideas. Its rock ‘n roll flippancy belies the wisdom amassed from 20 years of experience and while I might retain some suspicion of the language (I don’t know whether to hide it from my kids or not), I felt deeply moved when I completed it. I don’t think Jerry has the slightest desire to be a guru: his work inhabits an almost contradictory world where those who are really inspired by him feel no need to be like him! Enlightenment indeed.

Dominic Murcott, composer and educator


Hi Jerry, you may NOT use the title, The Keith Richards Health Plan.

Fran Curtis, Executive Vice President, Rogers & Cowan, PR and Marketing for The Rolling Stones

Introduction by Shivam O’Brien

shivamI met Jerry through an email. He sent me a few video samples that were to illustrate his approach to his work, including (a refreshing wild card for a London therapist who might have some sort of reputation to uphold) a definition of enlightenment from a very hard-hitting American standup icon. There was nothing in Jerry’s email to suggest he was a reliable, well sorted, fully certified, emotionally flat, socially predictable therapist.

I liked him straight away.

And vision quest, no less, was part of the therapy! Impressed that this guy had seemingly retained some natural, trustworthy wildness, I invited him to my fire… that’s a Celtic roundhouse, that used to be a tipi, that became a community in a wild valley in Wales where we all… well Jerry’ll mention that later.

Only when I met twenty-five of his ‘clients’, a couple of years later, did I realise just how much this honest, straight talking, ex-rock and roller therapist meant to so many people. Without voicing one politically or therapeutically correct sentence, without playing any leadership tactic or trip, without throwing out any ideas that might have pulled a ‘wow,’ he commanded utter respect and trust from some pretty world-hardened musicians, edge of the envelope creative types and even a fair proportion of sane friendly professional Londoners.

These people trusted him pretty much for the same reasons I did. He wasn’t ever going to say anything big about who he was, where he’d been or what he knew. Yet he held – without being overly visible. He commanded – without any orders. He nurtured – without intruding.

Jerry doesn’t hold out any ‘fits all’ answers, or policy, or correctness, however, he is humbly real and doesn’t ever give away that behind the dry humour and fain Englishness there is a sharply astute, highly principled adult male, devoted to truth and gentleness and one that can’t be bought at any price.

That’s why I like him. That’s why I am writing this introduction. And that’s why you should read Play From Your Fucking Heart – apart from the fact that he’s a highly entertaining writer.

This book is like sitting in Jerry’s wonderful London pad having a long growling and grinning chat about life, living and learning. He won’t be trying to sell you anything, it’s a real sharing of loves, failures, insights and joys that you can put in your shoes and walk forward with.

Jerry, as usual, is saying what he wants to say in a language anyone can understand and you won’t have to join in with any pseudo-psycho talk or have your intellect bombarded with smart ideas. The smart ideas are there alright, plenty of ‘em, but it’s one human to another, speaking easy, heart to heart.

Read on, if you’re in search of satisfaction, Jerry Hyde is plucking some real and raw notes here – a Rolling Stone in the Delta of Healing.

Shivam O’Brien, Galway, Oct 20th, 2013 – spirithorse.co.uk

Free Chapter

The Way of the Gonzo


Beginning a book is like beginning a relationship – you start out full of hope, excitement and expectation, checking out the exterior, the cover, then maybe spending a bit of time flicking through a few pages, testing the water, looking for signs that it has substance and intrigue until slowly you get drawn in and…

Actually, y’know what? Fuck it – stop that train of thought, I’m boring myself already, I’m not kicking this off with an analogy, it’s way too early to go all Forrest Gump on you – there’ll be plenty of time for that later…

The real point is – why should you read beyond the first page?

And perhaps more importantly, why should you trust me?

The simple answer to that is – you shouldn’t. You shouldn’t trust me at all (actually it’s a pretty good rule not to trust anyone who uses the word should or shouldn’t).

That’s what that book If you meet the Buddha on the Road Kill Him was all about – if he says he’s the Buddha then he’s not the Buddha ‘cos you are the Buddha. Not that I’ve read it, it’s just one of those great books that you don’t have to read ‘cos it’s all in the title, like Feel the Fear and do it Anyway; pick it up, look at the cover, put it back on the shelf, job done.

I’d love to write a book like that.

The original working title of this book was The Keith Richards Health Plan, but Keith’s people thought that it probably wasn’t such a fantastic idea after all and his lawyers are bigger than my lawyers. In fact, I don’t have lawyers. I don’t even have people. But even that title, much as I loved it, didn’t quite have that ‘does what it says on the can’ immediacy.

I’d tweak the Buddha book title a little, something like ‘If You Meet the Buddha on the Road Mug Him’ because:

a) I’m against capital punishment and if we kill everyone who goes around claiming to be a messiah there’d be a lot of dead sports presenters lying around.

b) It’s a bit of a baby bathwater scenario, a lot of gurus, spiritual teachers and even therapists have some clever things to say, and they’re worth mugging for their wisdom.

One person worth mugging is my friend John Williams, author of the great Screw Work Let’s Play, who taught me this easy little process by which you can find your life’s purpose, your own unique message to the world.

He said –

imagine that you have the opportunity to meet yourself as a small child, with all that you know now as an adult. What message would you would want to give to the mini you?

Try it – it’s a killer exercise and might really help

This is what came to me – quick as a flash.

“Don’t trust anyone who tells you that they know what’s right for you. Trust yourself – YOU are the expert.”

And that goes for you too. Trust yourself – you bought, borrowed or stole this book right? Something in YOU knew… You’re the expert, of you, no one else. And anyone who says they’re an expert of anything, let alone you, is to be treated with great suspicion. Expertise is cool, but experts have stopped learning.

My maternal Grandparents, Pete and Alice Muckley, had a big hand in drumming that one into me. “Don’t trust authority,” Pete used to warn me. “Look what happened on the Somme.”

You just can’t argue with stats like that.

And as the not quite as impressive as my Grandfather but nevertheless brilliant controversial Rolls Royce collecting possibly assassinated by the CIA charismatic unblinking contradictory trickster and sex guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, or Osho as he was perhaps better known, put it in the very first of his Ten Commandments:

Never obey anyone’s command unless it is coming from within you also.”

Or more simply in the words of Bob Dylan, “don’t follow leaders, watch the parkin’ meters”. Then again you’ve got Shakespeare who must have been abducted by aliens for the amount of shit that he really understood; I mean, “to thine own self be true,” how good is that? And then you’ve got the great beast himself, the much maligned bad boy of magic, Aleister Crowley with, “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law…”

Oh, and Osho’s third Commandment’s pretty cool too:

Truth is within you, do not search for it elsewhere.”

Which kind of makes this book redundant.

The End

From the same author


Bladesville-CoverThe Lost Souls – not quite the greatest rock’n roll band in the world. But fucking close.

Told through the bloodshot eyes of rhythm guitarist Deke Tremelo, Bladesville is the story of The Lost Souls, a Sixties influenced garage band swimming against the tide of Eighties electronica.

In a market full of musical success stories, it’s the tale of a band that didn’t make it, who lived through the whole sex, drugs, rock and roll lifestyle and came within a hair’s breadth of hitting the big time but fell at the final hurdle, lost in the wasteland of Thatcher’s Britain.



Dreamachine-CoverDreamachine is a tale of B List celebs, murdered supermodels, homoerotic punk rockers and hermaphrodite transvestite sex mutants…

Badly burned and disfigured TV Sex Therapist Dr James Bickle narrates the story from a hospital bed in Tangier. It moves from the present tense to the past and at times into a stylised portrayal of Bickle’s ‘idyllic’ life as seen through PR spin and Hello Magazine type reportage before blowing it all apart to reveal his tortured and brutal existence.


Jerry’s Website

The Truth At All Costs

seymour-headerJerry’s column “The Truth At All Costs” is syndicated from Seymour Magazine.

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It’s not you, it’s me by Jerry Hyde


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JERRY HYDE defies categorization – Psychotherapist, coach, guide, mentor. He’s trained in Tantra, been buried alive, fasted in the wilderness for days; his most apt calling card would readPsycho-Therapeutic Shamanic Coaching Guru. Though he’s been working therapeutically for over 18 years now, Jerry’s not a distant blank screen analyst who conforms to any particular approach or […] Continue reading

Little Bastard Demon


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Play From Your Fucking Heart Live On Stage


That’s right, Play From Your Fucking Heart is live on stage this year with dates at the Blissfields Festival in Wiltshire, July 3rd and 4th http://www.blissfields.co.uk/gonzo-self-help-musical-premier/, Spirit Horse in Mid Wales 27th to 31st August Bank Holiday http://www.spirithorse.co.uk/augustgathering.html and London in the Autumn, dates to be announced.


Play From Your Fucking Heart

A theatrical car crash set to music

Written and directed by Jerry Hyde

Performed for you by

Her Majesty’s Right Royal Gonzo Players




Doc Benway – a deranged psychotherapist: Ms Janan Kubba

Percy – an innocent fool: Monsieur Stephen Tremblay

Damien – a twisted fuck: Mr Ian Mackenzie

Wormwood – a bittersweet angel: Ms Charles Langham










Musical accompaniment written and performed

By The Big Duke Six


Chef – he’s wrapped too tight for this gig, on guitars and banjo: Mr Jerry Hyde

Mr Clean – the light and space of Swiss Cottage really put the zap on his head, on guitars, electric sitar, percussion and mountain dulcimer: Mr Nick Van Gelder

Lance – a famous internet surfer from the beaches of Withington, on keyboards, necktie washboard, trumpet and percussion: Mr Kenny Dickenson





With the poetic and visual talents of the incomparable Mr Spike Zephaniah Stephenson, and the invaluable and multiple production skills of Ms Melissa Gray and Señorita Ester Segarra